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Wind Witch

48" X 36"

(c) 1977 David Lang

All Rights Reserved

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Wind Witch was a commission from my parents who were looking for ways of supporting my efforts of being an artist. (Thank you Mom and Dad.)

I had the vision for this piece up at my parents cabin which is surrounded by aspen trees -- Fall into Winter as the wind blows the leaves away.

They ended up buying another painting because the eye of the bird made my mother uncomfortable.

This painting has a unique feature. With airbrush painting you have to mask off everything that you do not want covered in paint (including your nose and the room). Airbrush is like a finely controlled spray can of paint.

Of course when you make a mistake you paint it out and you paint it out and you paint it out and then suddenly when you remove the masking you have a ridge of paint outlining the object that you were creating.

Probably really good artists don't have this problem since they get it right the first time.

I do have this problem so in this painting I decided to take advantage of the look. I masked out the knot that comprises the bird's tail and buried the masking so deep in paint that when I removed it it looks like the bird cut through the paint as it flew. A subtle detail that I like.

If you are interested in owning a fine art color reproduction of this painting or one of my other paintings please click here.

My paintings usually take 6 - 12 months to complete.


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