Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice


Rock Salt, Rice and Herbs


Each shamanic tradition has items for healing, protecting, feeding and caring for Spirit beings.

I use rock salt to cleanse, absorb and clear negative energies/beings.

I use rice to feed and attract some Spirit beings. Some traditions use corn meal; others use tobacco.

I use other herbs as Spirit directs me.

The truth is that I am not someone who is deeply steeped in Plant Spirit Medicine -- yet. It is a fascinating and powerful field of shamanic work, and one that I have great respect for. It is probably in my blood somewhere. My father was a plant scientist at the University of Wyoming and his father was a farmer near Carpenter , Wyoming.

As I get older the callings of my ancestors and their knowledge gets stronger. I deeply appreciate the wisdom that comes to me through my ancestors who were so deeply connected to the land and the cycles of Nature.



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