Light from Space Aliens

Space Aliens Guard the Doors

I don't really have space aliens guarding my journey space -- at least I don't think I do...

I have several of these oil lamps, two of which hang on the sides of the double sliding doors that open into my journey space (the main page for this website is the South wall of my journey space).

I fell in love with these lamps at a closeout sale and had them home before I discovered that they are called Roswell Oil lamps for obvious reasons.

If the reason that they are called Roswell lamps is not obvious to you then you do not know about Roswell New Mexico. This is the place where, in 1947, something crashed.

Many people claim to have seen military types rushing in to clear away some wreckage of an alien UFO. The military claims it was a weather balloon -- riiight....

If it was not an alien ship (and it was not a weather balloon) then it was some kind of secret military aircraft which for reasons unknown is still being kept a secret.

The military still claim it was weather balloons or crash test dummies. The locals still claim that space aliens crashed there and the government is covering up big secrets about aliens.

Who knows. I just really like my oil lamps.

Here are a couple of internet resources with info about the Roswell story.

Roswell 1

Roswell 2

(If either site is gone then do a search for Roswell and Aliens. Be warned that there are a bunch of video games based on this idea so you will need to weed your search a bit.)


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