Mapping the Unseen Realms by Starlight



On the way to Portland, via highway 99, you pass through a little town called Independence Oregon.

This town has the best, old-time soda fountain. They serve a terrific turkey sandwich and an amazing chocolate malt -- I always order the small malt which fills a glass and a half. Makes my mouth water just writing about it.

Any rate Independence also has several antique stores.

One of them, which is now gone and replaced by a gallery/antique store, used to specialize in antique scientific tools.

This is where I found this sextant. Why aren't tools built today with such attention to beautiful detail?

One of the main interests of people coming to work with me is to help them, with Spirit's help and guidance, find their bearings. Sextant energy is perfect for this.

(I am sad to report that as of 2008 both the malt shop and the antique store of Independence are gone -- and we made a special trip for a malt.  My taste buds are heart broken!)


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