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Staff is made from a Wild Cherry tree that was found in the Appalachian woods -- a part of America that I am sure still harbors many nature spirits.

I would love to say that I was walking on a vision quest being guided by Spirit and "lo, glowing with mystical light" this staff revealed himself to me. But, the truth is that I walked into a local store that sells wonderful and amazing things and this Staff was glowing with mythic light. I had to buy it. (Sometimes this happens to me in K-Mart but it is a different kind of light -- more blue.)

The store's owner tells me that an old man showed up earlier that day with several different "walking" sticks to sell. Apparently he wanders the Eastern Forests looking for trees, branches and other wood that calls to him. He then creates the staves. As he travels the country he looks for interesting stores to sell them to.

I have a different theory as to who/what this "man" really is...

I am still learning about Staff lore.

The obvious is that staves are magic wands on steroids. Gandalf, from the Lord of the Rings, makes pretty cool use of one (especially in the movies). Then there is Moses who uses his staff to create a snake that eats the Egyptian temple priest's staves-turned-snakes. (Exodus 7:8) Also, later in the desert he strikes a stone and out pours fresh water for his thirsty crowd. (Exodus 17:5)

Other staves show up in the myths around Avalon / Glastonbury where Joseph of Arimethaea planted his thorn staff into the ground and a Hawthorn tree grew from it.

Staves are also connected with the Axis Mundi -- the world axis. Oaks are considered the World Tree -- the shaman's tree -- used to travel into the various realms of Spirit. Druids are the "Seers' of the Oak".

When magicians work their power using the staff, the staff does not move but rather the world moves around the staff. Hence the world transforming power associated with the Axis Mundi/magician's staff.

An entire suit of the Tarot, the suit of Wands, is dedicated to staves.

Interestingly in my work as a shamanic practitioner I have had several people (currently eight) each of whom has had amazing experiences, callings, dreams and guidance around working with a staff.

I have finally listened to that small voice from Spirit shouting at me to call gatherings of this group just to see what information Spirit has for us. (The fun part is that I get to call a "Staff Meeting" that meets in an entirely different dimension.)



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