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James Twyman

James Twyman is a spiritual warrior who has made a name for himself traveling the world organizing prayer vigils for peace. He has been to Iraq, Korea, Israel, as well as a host of other countries delivering his message of peace. James is working with Indigo Children (see his website for information about them) and other "trans-human" types. He also offers an E-course on learning to bend spoons with your mind.

In an e-mail I received from him recently (I am on his E-newsletter list) he calls himself a singer/songwriter and the author of "Emissary of Love-The Psychic Children Speak" and" Messages from Thomas: Raising Psychic Children."

He is doing interesting work in our world and is worthy of learning more about.

Joseph of Arimethaea

Joseph of Arimathaea supposedly brought the Holy Grail from the crucifixion to England. At Glastonbury he is said to have planted his staff in the ground. From his staff grew a Hawthorn tree.

For a really different and controversial perspective on the Holy Grail read the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln.

Journey space

The main page of my website is the south wall of my journey space. In this room I set and maintain sacred space tended by Spirit for the healing work of shamanism. Journeying is the term that is used in shamanism to describe the act of traveling in alternate consciousness, shamanic consciousness. It is a very geographic process.

Journey Work

Shamanic space is considered to be real geography populated by real beings. Much of my role in doing shamanic work is to map where I went, who I saw and what we did.

My wife, Annah, loves to travel. Not me. I get out enough at work.


What goes around comes around and all that going and coming seems to be happening faster and faster. No more waiting through lifetimes to pay on your debts of character. Sometimes you are called to pay the very same day. Some writers have suggested that this is because time is speeding up.

You just know that those jerks in high school will get theirs' someday. In my book this makes the belief in Karma pretty much universal regardless of your religious beliefs.

I appreciate this Buddhist concept. Karma -- people getting their just desserts -- good and bad -- feels like a balanced and fair system. The main problem I see with Karma is that if I did something horrible last lifetime, for which I am in misery this lifetime, AND I have no memory or knowledge of why I am being punished -- well, what lesson am I learning? I suggest that most animals respond better to training if they have some understanding of why they are being punished.

The philosophical underpinnings of Karma are complex. There are methods for clearing Karma such as the technique known as "Stepping off the Karmic Wheel". The idea being that each lifetime you clear Karma and each lifetime you create more Karma which keeps you stuck on the reincarnation circuit. To a Pagan, this is just fine because life is for living, dying, and coming back again to live some more. For a Buddhist this is a problem since they are trying to get out of here -- viewing the world as pain and suffering.

I like stepping off the Karmic Wheel because I think that it clears my slate which then gives me choice for the kind of next lifetime I want to have since my prerequisite classes are all out of the way.

My motto is live life as though it matters and that someday you will have to account for it all.

A search on Karma will give you several Buddhist websites for more information.

King Arthur

Now here is someone who is so "cloaked" in mythology that it is amazing that he was ever able to pull that sword from the stone. His stories inspire our inner drive to be much more than we are; his legacy also inspires us to become our mythological selves generating destiny wherever we go.

There is some historical information about him and what he did. Much like Jesus Christ.

Then there is all the other mythology that is woven around his life, much like Jesus Christ or Mohammed or Buddha or...

Supposedly he is not dead but sleeping in the care of the Siddhe, hiding away in the Isle of Avalon. He will return to save England in its time of greatest need. Apparently W.W.II did not qualify, or else he returned incognito.

Supposedly, he had a nifty magician who helped get him into and out of trouble. That Merlin guy has a lot of mythology hanging around him too.


Koans are some of the most beautiful, poetic, frustrating and mind blowing gateways to the realms of Spirit. They are primarily a Zen Buddhist technique designed to force the brain out of its rational, logical, linear (and very limited) way of understanding and being in the world. They take the form of seemingly paradoxical and nonsensical puzzles that, through the process of finding and experiencing the "solution", one experiences the non-rational, transcendental, non-linear true nature of Spirit. This is called enlightenment. It also takes much time and much discipline and the answer to each koan is unique to the person who answers it.

The most well known Zen koan is, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Many people think they have the answer -- such as "silence" and "thrusting a single hand into the air". These responses will likely earn them the traditional "whack upside the head with a hard stick" administered by the Zen Master. The problem is the word "think". The whole point of this approach is to get people out of their thinking modes of seeing (and limiting) the world / reality and into experiencing the truth of reality. When you "get" the solution you "get" enlightenment. Zen Masters are masters at recognizing this so don't try to sneak one past them. It will only earn you a whack on the head.

There are no shortcuts to enlightenment.

Laramie, Wyoming

This is my town of origin. Nope, I don't ride horses.

The landscape is vast and beautiful. It is very rugged country and the people who live there do so because they love to get out into nature. The politics are quite conservative, though Laramie is the most liberal of Wyoming because it has the university. It gets very cold in the winter. Some small cities have more people than the entire state of Wyoming.

Laramie made the world headlines some years ago in the unfortunate and horrible murder of Mathew Sheppard, a young gay man. Two jerks are now serving life forever sentences.

I am from there. The land still calls me for visits. I have family and wonderful friends that still live there. Oregon is now my real home.

Ley lines

These are the energy meridians, the acupuncture channels, of the Earth. Dowsing is one way to locate these lines of force, which are different than the location of water. Many sacred sites throughout the world are aligned with the Ley lines. These channels of energy run in straight lines that have left and right handed spirals that spin off of them (left handed spirals pull energy out of you and right handed spirals charge you). Sometimes several lines come together into a central hub. Chartres Cathedral and several other sacred sites are supposed to be located on hubs or spirals

There are many magical systems that seek to utilize and control these earth energies, the telluric forces.

There is also some speculation that the Romans were able to conquer the Celts because when they arrived they found these great straight roads already in place. It's just that these roads didn't "go" anywhere. Well, they were sacred roads built to trace the telluric forces, the Ley lines. The Romans took these sacred roads, extended them and paved them for chariot use and drove the war machine into the sacred heart of the Celts.

Protect your sacred places!

Many rituals, shamanic and other magics, are performed on hubs and spirals. It is thought to be akin to doing an acupuncture treatment to help heal our planet. They are also great places to tap into the power of the planet for your own healing and work.

The Ley lines are also know as the Dragon Lines.

Life egg

I am gathering information about Life Eggs. This is a new shamanic "tool" that has started showing up in my work. To date this is what I know:

Life Eggs are a wonderful and powerful gift to be given by Spirit. Life Eggs hold the lives and destinies of a person. Most people's Life Eggs are kept and tended by Spirit Beings who guard them. This is so that the person can live their life without the responsibility of essential choices. People get to make little choices but their life destiny is contained in their Life Egg that some other being is tending.

When one is gifted with their own Life Egg they are now in control and responsible for their own destiny and for generating their own life!! In addition to control of one's destiny and life it also gives access to ancestor energy, past life energy/info, and access to time. I am sure that there is other information that has yet to be revealed.

The Life Egg spins on various axis and at various speeds. Controlling the spin and speeds opens different portals. For example, with my Life Egg a slow rate of spin opens a portal to the energy, information and experiences of past lives. A high rate of spin generates a music that can be used to ground me.

Certain magical traditions claim that there are magical techniques that mages have created /discovered that allow the magician to project his/her personality /wisdom / knowledge/ skills/ learning/ etc. more or less intact from lifetime to lifetime. Such ability would obviously give that person an advantage in successive lifetimes - to consciously access that knowledge etc. Life Eggs might possibly be that package.

Life Eggs are seeking to evolve and grow. This sounds very similar to Gottfried Leibnitz's concept of the Monad.

". . .Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz. . .developed an elegant grand philosophy based on the concept of an evolving unit of consciousness called the monad. Monads for Leibnitz are the most fundamental metaphysical points, which have always existed and can never be destroyed.

Leibnitz felt that all matter is alive and animated throughout with monads. The monad is the principle of continuity between the physical and the psychological realms. The same principle that expresses itself within our minds is active in inanimate matter, in plants and in animals. Thus the nature of the monad is best understood by studying the spiritual and psychic forces within ourselves.

Monads themselves vary in the amount of consciousness or clarity of their perceptions. . .In the lowest monads everything is obscure and confused, resembling sleep. While in humanity, consciousness attains a state of apperception - a reflexive knowledge of the self.

Every monad discovers its nature form within itself. It is not determined from without there are no windows through which anything can enter; all of its experience already exists within each monad.

Both organism and inorganic bodies are composed of monads, or centers of force, but the organism contains a central monad or "soul" which is the guiding principle of the other monads within its body. . .

Every monad has the power to represent the entire universe within itself. It is a world in miniature, a microcosm, a "living mirror of the universe". . .

Leibnitz stated: Every body feels everything that occurs in the entire universe, so that anyone who sees all could read in each particular thing that which happens everywhere else and, besides all that has happened and will happen, perceiving in the present that which is remote in time and space."

("Roots of Consciousness" by Jeffrey Mishlove; 1993 edition, page 64)

If you know that you have been gifted your Life Egg I encourage you to discover new ways to use it. Also be very careful with it - protect it well. It is a powerful tool with many, many possibilities yet to be discovered.

I would appreciate it if you would share your discoveries with me, as I am gathering information about this new (?) shamanic tool.


Lightning, I suspect, is an initiation experience for trees. In retrospect, I have had a number of close calls with lightning, though at the time it didn't seem so. I have done some amazing journeys to meet with lightning-scarred trees. I have not yet journeyed to meet with Lightning. A journey I plan to approach with caution and protection.


Loma is a Polynesian woman who lives on a Shangri La island. She is a powerful healer and teacher who often guides my work. She has a very interesting healing technique involving painting with sand. Only her sand "paintings" are often three dimensional.

In a journey to meet a healing teacher and guide I found Loma. She instructed me to locate a very specific healing crystal. The next day I went to our local stones and bones store (in this reality) looking for this crystal that she had shown me. . . and there it was!

I tell you this work is high weirdness!

Lower World

The realms of Spirit are divided, by most shamanic cultures, into three "worlds". The Upper World, the Middle World and the Lower World.

From the shamanic paradigm these worlds are populated by powerful beings to whom one can request and receive help, teaching, protection, healing, guidance, etc. These worlds and the beings you meet are just as real as Denver, or Eugene.

Typically the Lower Worlds are where you find power animals, although my experience is that power animals can show up anywhere.

Many people have preconceptions of what the spirit world is about and what it should be like. For example, many people equate the Lower Worlds with the Christian and Islamic concept of Hell. This is absolutely not the case. The Lower Worlds are wonderful, beautiful worlds. They just happen to be places that are accessed by traveling down. This is not to say that there aren't dark and scary places -- but these places exist in all the worlds.

There are an infinite number of Lower Worlds, Upper Worlds and Middle Worlds. In fact, if you travel infinitely up the Upper World eventually loops around to the Lower World.

Lucid dreams

Dreams are our natural entry into the realms of Spirit. The study of dreams and the meanings and symbols can enrich and guide our lives in amazing and powerful ways.

There is a kind of dream where you wake up, become lucid, inside the dream. You know that you are asleep and dreaming and yet your experience of the dream space has the same opaque "realness" that being awake during the day has. (In fact my own experiences in lucid dreaming are that the dream and everything that happens within it are "more real" than my day to day world. It is a little eerie to wake from a lucid dream and feel that this world is not the real place it claims to be. It makes the movie The Matrix seem even more plausible. This also explains the Aborigine perspective that their shamanic space, called Dreamtime, is a more real world.)

Once you wake inside a dream you have the option of guiding your experiences. Many people go flying or have sex with someone that in real life they could not. Sex and flying are lots of fun but powerful opportunities are missed by using lucid dreams this way.

Lucid dreams gift you the opportunity to explore, learn and heal. You could choose to meet with the part of you that is afraid to fly in planes, or be shown the lesson you were supposed to get from that car wreck, etc.

The first several lucid dreams I had were so exciting that I actually woke myself up. After some time I got to the place where I could control my excitement enough to not wake up. Then the next several lucid dreams I spent examining the sensual reality -- the textures of the wood and cloth, the music and lyrics, the colors and smells. Still giving in to the excitement factor. Finally, I am to the point where I can begin to do real work. Shamanically, of course, the possibilities for healing myself and clients through lucid dream work are infinite.

Lucid dreams are great!

There are several books that can teach you how to be a lucid dreamer. Two excellent titles are:

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold

Lucid Dreams in 30 Days by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub


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