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Sacred Garden

One of the first journeys that I guide shamanism students through is a journey to find their Sacred Garden. This is a place in the Spirit realms that "belongs" to that individual. It is their home base. It is a place to rest, recharge, store shamanic gifts, meet with Power Animals, etc. Assuming that the individual takes certain precautions their Sacred Garden is completely safe. Only beings/entities that have their best interests at heart and beings/entities whom they invite (!) can enter their Sacred Garden.

As in your day-to-day living, be careful whom you invite into your Sacred Garden -- be careful whom you invite into your life.

My sacred garden is based on a place that I found as a teen in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. It has a river that flows over veins of gold and silver to a waterfall in front of a cave. It has portals to other dimensions, universes, shamanic realities, and times. It has an everlasting bonfire; a grove of wise and ancient trees; a guardian of the cave; and a zillion other things that I have yet to discover.

It even has a back door that opens to Annah's Sacred Garden.

Everyone probably has a Sacred Garden that is their base in Spirit realms. I encourage you to find and tend yours. You have probably been dreaming of it for years.

Sacred space

When I am doing shamanic work I create a powerful, protective container, a sacred sphere, guarded and guided by Spirit. Sacred space is believed to be a bubble in Space-time. It is isolated from the physical universe and the physical laws of the universe. Consequently anything can and does happen in sacred space. It is the place of miracles and magic.


A language out of India. It is visually beautiful.

Some scholars believe it is the original root language for the Indo-European languages -- i.e. Persian and Pashto (Iranian), Lithuanian, Latvian, etc. (Baltic), Russian, Polish (Slavic), Welsh, Irish, etc. (Celtic), German, English, French, Italian, etc.

The evidence is very strong that some early (6000 B.C.) language is the mother tongue that spread into all these countries.

Perhaps it is the Ur text and all we have to do is to remember the true way to pronounce it.

Saturday Market

Eugene Oregon is a great place to live. It has a national reputation for being a place of High Weirdness. Interesting things are happening there most of the time.

Saturday Market is one of those interesting thing. A colorful collection of artists, musicians, farmers, performers and food vendors. All local, all "home grown". An American version of the exotic bazaars you see in movies about India or the Middle East.


I have a lot of Celtic heritage in this lifetime including Scots. Someone in my family knows what our clan kilt is. Probably my sister Karen. She is the keeper of the family stories and genealogy. Every family has someone who fills this role. Karen has all the old family photos too. There is a lot of magic in the Celtic Isles. I have never been over there but I would love to. So would Annah. She loves to travel. (Click here to read what I have to say about traveling.)

Scotland, by the way, is that land mass north of England.


I am not sure that I want to really develop my scrying abilities. I mean, what do you do with information about possible future events (see my dream of September 10, 2001)? Is it possible to effect the possible outcomes? I believe so, but then if you change the future ending to something other than what you saw how can you ever be certain that you saw a true possible outcome. It gets quite confusing quite fast.

Of course scrying is more than just seeing into the future. It is seeing into the true nature of things, seeing into the past, seeing into the why of things.

Actually I really do want to develop my scrying skills. I want to develop all of my shamanic talents. I do not know what I am being called to do and I want to make sure that my tool kit is full.

Spirit has been guiding me to build another new shamanic tool. (See my Diviner's Harp for another example.) I am combining several scrying systems.

The seed for this new shamanic tool came from an article I read about Ronald Mallett, a physicist at the University of Connecticut. Mallett has come up with a strategy for traveling in time. Since space and time are distorted by matter if you had enough spinning mass, say a black hole or an entire universe, you would twist space and time such that space becomes time and time becomes space. You could then walk down the time direction.

The cost of spinning the universe is beyond what most colleges are willing to fund. Even the Department of Defense is reluctant.

Mallet, however, believes that space and time can be twisted by using slow laser beams. Light can cause space to bend. Mallett published a paper in Physics Letters describing how a circulating laser beam creates a vortex in space within its circle. Mallett also determined that if he adds a second high intensity laser beam circulating in the opposite direction time will warp into a loop. To do this he needs slow moving light since the slower the light moves within the laser circle, the more space and time distort. All well and good, but how to slow down light?

Bingo. In February 1999, Lene Hua and others at the Rowland Institute for Science succeeded slowing light to 38 miles per hour. You can ride a bike this fast.

So what does all this have to do with scrying? I am taking several shamanic tools and blending them into to one high tech scrying tool.

I will take a black bowl (to represent the black mirror scrying tool) with a pedestal in the middle to hold a crystal ball (scrying tool # 2). I will fill this bowl with water (scrying tool #3). Surrounding this bowl I will have two glass rod rings that will carry laser light circulating in the opposite directions (from Mallet, et al above). And a third laser will illuminate the crystal ball from above for just for effect, since, after all, I am also an artist.

The end result will be a very beautiful shamanic tool. By going into shamanic consciousness and gazing down through the laser distorted space-time into the crystal ball suspended in a black mirror bowl filled with water I will see...

Who knows? Hopefully I won't get sucked into some parallel universe. Right now I am having trouble finding a glass worker who can make my glass rings to spec.

I will let you know how this goes.

Sealing in a soul part

Once a soul part is returned through the ritual of soul retrieval it is important to hold them in place, like a spiritual bandage, until the person can do the integration work for that soul part. Traditionally this is done with a rattle to close and seal the energy field of the person.

What really holds the soul part is the integration. I it is the work of the client to honor and welcome the soul part home.


Seth is a channeled being who presented various lessons on the nature of reality and our place in it. He spoke very eloquently through the person of Jane Roberts. (This link brings up one of many pages about Jane Roberts and Seth.)

What ever you think about the validity of channeled material the Seth books are very interesting and enlightening.


Sextants help guide through unknown waters. A good metaphor for shamanic work. I bought my sextant from a great antique store in Independence Oregon, home of a fantastic chocolate malt.

This sextant came with a book on how to use it. I am still figuring that part out. It guides me in other ways. Besides I do not like deep water -- I don't swim. I don't even float. Now flying...It is the star aspect of sextants that I especially appreciate.


Many cultures have a more balanced Divine energy bringing both the male and female aspects into their worship. Shakti is the Goddess energy of the Hindu pantheon. She is the consort of Shiva. She is beautiful, sensual and aware of her power. It is curious to me how this equality gets lost in the day to day life where women are devalued and relegated to secondary roles.

Transformation and planetary healing will occur when we again find the balance, the dance between these two forces.

By the way there is imbalance from the feminine too. I have worked with Goddess groups who claim a balanced pantheon between Lord and Lady but when pressed they maintain that the Goddess is "first among equals". Sorry, this is just more biased polarity from the other side.

Equal is equal.


"Shaman" is a Siberian tribal word for a type of medicine person who is distinguished by the use of journeys to hidden worlds mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences.

Shamanism is a way of being in the world and enhancing day to day life with Spirit. Shaman are "myth travelers", "dream travelers".

For thousands of years, our ancestors all over the world discovered how to maximize human abilities of mind and spirit for healing, problem-solving, self discovery and "community" discovery. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual system that gifts humanity power. Communication with the divine forces of the universe is our birthright and our legacy.

One can utilize many of the tools and techniques of shamanism without becoming a shaman. Learning the tools of shamanism will enrich your daily life, increase access to the spirit world, give you problem solving tools, help you access your healing abilities, connect you with the vastness of the religious, spiritual universe and connect you to daily magic.

Shamanic consciousness

Shamanism uses various techniques to suspend our perceptions of the physical world so we can contact and communicate with the world of spirit.

The two primary methods to achieve a non-ordinary reality state, the altered state of consciousness called shamanic consciousness are shamanic drumming and spirit plants such as Peyote or Ayahuasca -- "vine of the soul".

There are other methods one can use to access non-ordinary states, such as piercing your back with bone needles and dragging buffalo hides around in circles (I wonder why anyone would choose to follow a shamanic calling if that was your only access). Another method uses a journey swing where the shaman is placed in a free moving cage suspended from a tree and blindfolded. A modern, high tech method would include the isolation tank where you are floating in neutral temperature salt water, in a dark tank with your eyes and ears covered -- essentially isolating the user from all external sensory input.

The method I use is drumming. The shamanic drum beat is monotonous, boring and non musical. It is designed to entrain the brain into theta waves -- the brain waves of deep dreaming. The brain goes, "Whoa, wait that is my dream song, I must be dreaming!" Then the brain opens the dream doorways into the realms of spirit and the shaman consciously walks in.

Many people become so skilled at shamanic journey techniques that they can journey whenever they choose to do so; the drum is a useful tool but not necessary.

Shamanic cultures

Every human being, somewhere in their cultural history, comes from people who had a shamanic way of interacting with Spirit. Most of us are in cultures where that set of technologies is deeply buried in other religious structures and rituals or even lost. Other peoples still have living shamanic traditions.

Both of these things -- those who separated from this heritage and those who have kept it alive -- needed to happen. This is an evolution of human consciousness that casts off what it knows in order to explore something radically new and different. And our "wayward" consciousness needs a home-base to return to. A place that is still rooted in the old wisdom.

It is this dance that allows us to become more evolved, more than we, humanity, have ever been.

In this dance God/Goddess learns and grows and evolves. The dance of old wisdom and new learning.

Shamanic gift

Spirit offers help and guidance in many ways.  These gifts often have equivalents in the physical realm as well.  When I bring back a gift from Spirit for a client I encourage them to find or create a physical version of the spirit gift to act as a talisman.

This is a definition of talisman -- the physical creation of a spirit object that holds the power of Spirit.  The holder of the talisman is sitting in the center of a resonance field that is created between Spirit and physical objects.   It's like sitting in the sweet spot in a concert hall -- all the vibrations come to you for the maximum effect.

One of my spirit teachers, Loma, showed me a healing crystal and instructed me to locate it in this world.  The next day I walked into a local crystal store and found the exact crystal that appeared in my journey.   High weirdness.

Shamanic initiation

A calling to the shamanic path is usually through some kind of very powerful life transforming experience.  Your regular life is stripped away and you have to rely on guidance and wisdom that comes from "some place else".   Some place that you did not realize that you were connected to.

My own call to the shamanic path was an intense eight week experience.  After more than 20 years of working and exploring in these realms I am just now beginning to have a small piece of knowledge that I feel I can own.

In some cultures the call to shamanism looks a lot like what schizophrenia in our culture looks like.  It is known as the shaman sickness.  Instead of labeling these people as mentally ill they are taken by the shaman of the tribe and trained.  If they survive the training the tribe will have an additional shamanic healer.

A call to shamanic work is exactly that, a calling.  It is not a career choice.

Shamanic journeys

The altered consciousness that is contacted by shamanic work is considered to be a real place in Spirit. It is a real geography that can be mapped. Traveling into these realms is very much like traveling to other countries. Each has its own geography, laws, culture and customs.

I suspect when all my baggage arrives at my final (?) destination it will be covered with the spiritual equivalent of those travel stickers that you used to see on old-time luggage -- Rome, Paris, Gary Indiana, Mars, The Cave of the Grandmothers, The City of Rainbow Light, Sea Lion Caves....

Shamanic practitioners

A piece of etiquette that most modern shamanic practitioners adhere to is that we refer to ourselves as "shamanic practitioners".

We do not call ourselves "shaman".  This word is an honorific.   It is a title that is offered by others.  If someone is skilled at healing and working in the realms of Spirit, then members of their tribe will refer to them as "shaman".  It is a great honor to be referred to in such a manner.  To call oneself "shaman" is considered to be overt egotism and a warning signal that that person is probably not one.

Shamanic skills

We have the ability and right to travel into the realms of Spirit. Dreaming is a shamanic skill for entering into shamanic space. We are born with this natural ability. And there are ways to enhance that tool -- dream incubations, lucid dreaming, dream interpretations.

There are many other ways of entering shamanic space and there are many systems to teach these skills -- Occult systems, religious systems, yoga systems, meditation systems. Shamanism is one of those systems.

Shamanic space

The realms of spirit are considered to be real geography filled with real beings. Shamanic space is the state of mind that the shaman enters into to travel this geography and meet with these beings.


Shamanism is a spiritual system. It is not a religion. It is based on the concept that we are all one with everything, we are all spirit, and have the ability and right to connect with the worlds of spirit.

In the shamanic world-view, everything is alive and conscious. Shamanism uses various techniques to contact and communicate with the world of spirit. Shamanism believes that there are beings, spirits that inhabit other worlds invisible to our eyes (usually). These spirits are frequently benevolent and interested in helping people.

Shamanism is very practical. It is about "now". Shamanism is less concerned with what experiences in your childhood that shaped who you are now. Shamanism asks the question "Does who you are now serve you? If not, then let's go find the things you need to change that."


It is my belief that the only way we are going to "save" the world is to recreate a balanced Divine energy bringing both the male and female aspects into our worship, our interaction with the Divine. Shiva is the God energy of the Hindu pantheon. He is the consort of Shakti. He is the male generative force that needs his equal to manifest the world.

Transformation and planetary healing will occur when we again find the balance, the dance between these two forces.

While there is currently an extreme imbalance on the masculine side of the Divine equation, I have found that there is imbalance from the feminine too. I have worked with Goddess groups who claim a balanced pantheon between Lord and Lady. However, when pressed they maintain that the Goddess is "first among equals". Sorry, this is just more biased polarity from the other side.

Equal is equal. We need true balance. A marriage, a union.


Pronounce Shee.  Those Celts, they have a different word for everything and a different way of pronouncing what is spelled.  Did you know that Samhain is pronounced "So wain"?   See what I mean.

The Siddhe are the Gentry, the Fairy.  They are definitely not Tinker Bell.   These are powerful spirit beings that deserve respect and caution. They do not have human perspectives or agendas so it is difficult to comprehend what they are up to and why.

Thinking of the Fairy folk as being cuddly fireflies -- a la Disney movies-- is like thinking that man-eating tigers need to have their tummies rubbed -- they are so cute!

Many, many stories speak to the dangers of encounters with Fairies.  Many stories speak to the incredible gifts from Fairy as well.  I suspect that, as with all aspects of Spirit, there are beings that care about us and there are those who are indifferent to us and only accidentally step on us.  And there are those for whom we are the proverbial and metaphorical lunch.

Small voice from Spirit

Spirit speaks to us in many ways. The primary way is thorough that small voice that we are all very good at ignoring. It is sometimes called your conscience but this is more than that. Conscience is about making moral, ethical choices of integrity. The small voice speaks to that, but is also trying to get your attention about other things like, "Turn left here!" and when you make that turn you end up avoiding a 200 car pile up.

That actually happened to me. I was returning from a trip to Portland and was eager to get home. I was feeling a bit under the weather and was hungry. I was all set to just ignore my discomfort and continue down the freeway. My feelings got stronger and I finally listened to the "voice" that was demanding that I take a break. I pulled off the freeway, had a light dinner. Finally, after I took a walk I felt like I could go on.

During dinner I had noted a lot of sirens going up the freeway. Traveling up the freeway I came upon a huge accident. A nearby field was burning and the smoke had drifted across the freeway obscuring the view. Hundreds of cars crashed into each other and many people were killed. It made the national news.

Had I not listened to the small voice telling me to take a break I would have been in that accident.

Some of the other ways that Spirit speaks to us are through metaphor and poetry, dreams, coincidences, synchronicity, meditation and prayer experiences, vision quests and shamanic journeys, and random chance (which is why we shuffle Tarot cards or toss I Ching coins).

Spirit is trying to get our attention. Its communication is much larger than language can hold.

Soul loss

As you are living your life you experience various traumas that, in that moment, your soul is convinced it is going to die and it says, "I am out of here!" In that moment a piece of your soul breaks off and goes off to live on its own somewhere in the shamanic universe.

This trauma can be anything from a near death experience to a small child being scared by a friend yelling, "boo!" What matters is that in the moment the soul is convinced that it is in Big Trouble.

Soul parts can leave for other reasons as well, such as a child who doesn't want to move to another town might leave a soul part in their old hometown, or you give a soul part to a lover -- "I love you heart and soul".

When a soul part leaves it also takes some aspect of you with it. It might have your trust, or your creativity, or your power, etc. Obviously, it is important to get that part and that aspect back. Sometimes this can happen spontaneously; sometimes really good therapy can bring a soul part home.

The shaman are, naturally, trained to find missing soul parts and bring them home. See Soul Retrieval.

Soul parts

How do we talk about things that are essentially beyond language. What is the soul? Different cultures and religious systems have different beliefs regarding soul.

From the shamanic perspective it is possible to have the soul fracture and send bits and pieces into the spirit realms where they live out their partial lives. This metaphor offers a perspective on people with multiple personalities and people who don't seem to be "all here".

A useful metaphor for picturing how this soul structure might work is to think in terms of holograms where every piece of the hologram contains all the information to reconstruct the entire image. The smaller the piece the coarser the whole image, but the whole image is still there.

Soul as hologram. It appeals to the William Blake in me. To quote from his poem, "Auguries of Innocence" :

"To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour..."

Soul retrieval

Soul retrievals are some of the most powerful shamanic magic you can experience.

Shamans are trained to find soul parts and bring them home.

I am very opinionated about soul retrievals. They are extremely powerful. Soul retrievals will bring change and healing into your life and since they are often the result of trauma they can bring back high emotions that need to be healed, and integrated.

I am very careful about doing soul retrievals. I make certain that the person really is ready to change (because change will happen), that they have a support group in place (caring family and friends, a therapist, etc.), and that they understand how to integrate these parts back into their whole being, into their internal tribes. I also recommend that the person have a couple of free days with no obligations so that they can rest and process their experiences.

If you are thinking of having a soul retrieval then I recommend finding someone who will take the time and honor the process.

Sandra Ingerman has written several books on soul retrievals: "Soul Retrieval" and "Welcome Home". Both are excellent. My approach is similar to hers, but each shamanic practitioner has their own style.

Click here for a list of my shamanic services


One of the sacred directions that I request be held and guarded by Spirit. South speaks to Summer, to growth and ripening in preparation for the arrival of harvest and reward of Fall. I recently received guidance from Spirit to set sacred space by calling the directions based on their season. I am still waiting guidance from Spirit as to what are the seasons for "Up", "Down", and "Within".

The rituals used to call the directions are a way of formally honoring the presence of Spirit in your life and work. Acknowledging Spirit is accomplished by "speaking" from the heart. The rest of the ritual is just a "costume".

South America

South America like Africa has many, many different flavors of shamanism. There are people who lead tours to various shaman to learn their teachings. Some people feel that a shamanic tradition is not valid unless brought to you by some indigenous shaman. It is, naturally, my belief that Spirit activates whomever it pleases from all walks of life. Shamanism is a living evolving conversation with Spirit. Every time I journey I learn something new, some new technique that is relevant for the Western Culture in this time.

South America, by the way, is that big land mass south of California, south of Mexico too.


Spirit is central to everything that I do and every aspect of my being. And I have no clue as to what Spirit really is. I have my experience of it. I can talk and philosophize about Spirit until the proverbial cows come marching home. But in truth I believe that no one has a clue as to what Spirit is. It is the Great Mystery. "Those who know the Tao do not speak of it and those who speak of it do not know it." Wise words that apply directly to Spirit.

That being said, I blunder on to say that my experience of Spirit is that of a loving vastness that is guiding my life in amazing, powerful, exciting, challenging and mind boggling ways. I just hope that I can hang on to this wild ride and some day make some sense of it all. In the meantime you will occasionally hear me scream as the roller coaster of life plunges down and heads for the loop to loop.

Yee Haw.

Spirit Family

There are three classes of Spirit beings that I have identified -- there could be lots more.  In fact it is likely that my tiny brain has no real clue as to the richness and complexity of the Spirit Realms.

None the less, the three that I have noted are:

1. The first class of Spirit beings are so huge and powerful that we do not even register on their radar -- in much the same way that an ant crawling across a field, 200 yards away, as you whip up the freeway 80 miles per hour (illegally of course.  Watch out, there are several speed traps between here and there!) registers on your radar.  You know conceptually that those ants are out there somewhere but that is not based on direct experience.

Our job with such powerful beings, at least until we manifest sufficient personal power to shout loud enough to get their attention (sort of the spiritual version of "Horton Hears a Who"), is to know where they are; know where they are about to step; and not be therePower animals and other spirit guides help us with that.  (In Oregon it rains a lot.  Walking at night is always an adventure especially after a rain because snails and slugs are out creating slime art upon the sidewalks.  As you walk it is inevitable that you will inadvertently step <crunch, squish sound effects here> on one -- now add the "EEWW, YUCK, GROSS" sounds followed by, "I am so sorry.  I didn't mean to squash and kill you."  This is exactly the thing you want to avoid in regards to this class of Spirit beings -- except that you are the snail.

2. The second class of Spirit beings are the ones for whom we are lunch.  This does not make them evil.  We are simply part of their food chain (somewhere between PopTarts and fresh salad, I think).  We have different agendas than they do -- they want to eat us, or at least feed off of us (attachments, like leaches, that don't kill you but rather feed off of your life force), and we really do not want them to do that.

Our job with these hungry being is to know where they are; stay down wind of them; and keep our spears and shields ready.  Power animals and other spirit guides help us with this as well.

3.  The third class of Spirit beings are what I call our Spiritual Family.  They are beings, of various shapes and sizes (Power animals, ancestors, angels, etc., etc.), who are genuinely invested in us manifesting the most powerful and amazing life we can pull together in this life, while still learning the lessons that we signed up to learn this time around (no "testing out" of a lesson and probably no skipping a grade level either). 

These are the beings that you want to hang around with because they really can help you manifest your life.  In doing shamanic work, I always travel with my power animals -- they know the languages, the customs, the dangerous parts of town, the best restaurants.  Also they know exactly how I am supposed to accomplish the tasks that I am bringing to Spirit for a client.  Shamanism without power animals and other spirit guides would be a very limited and risky business.

I should also mention a fourth class of Spirit beings that I currently do not believe exists -- however the jury is still out on this one.  These are the beings that, supposedly, exist to embody evil in its purest and absolutely unredeemable form.  Certainly evil things happen.  Evil things are done.  But to me that looks like confusion and fear which enlightenment would correct. 

Then there is the possibility that such experiences are actually part of someone's lesson plans

(I know, I know...I can hear the objections, "Just wait until <insert some horrible experience here> happens to you or your family or, or, or..."  And you are correct, I absolutely do not want to experience that <insert some horrible experience here> and I will likely rage and scream and curse and wail. 

And eventually I will have to come back to the truth of my life -- that the ultimate force and energy, in all levels of reality, is love.  Which finally lands on the only square that makes sense to me -- that every experience that I experience is one that I participated in manifesting in my life to help me learn some important lesson so that I can progress on my spiritual evolution.)

As I said the jury is still out.  At this stage evil looks like confusion and fear.  It looks like energies that I am not aligned with and because of that misalignment it will hurt me if I don't get away or manage it in some other way. 

The choices for dealing with misaligned energies are:

a) Get far, far away in any way possible.

b) Transform the energies so that they align with you correctly.  To use an electrical analogy, imagine a 10,000 volt line flopping around on the ground.  If you pick it up with your bare hands you are going to get hurt (you are misaligned with the energy).  If you put on your special insulated clothes and use your special tools you become aligned in such a way that you can manage that 10,000 volt line.  You transform it from being something very dangerous into something useful -- you plug it back into where it goes and suddenly the city lights up again.

c) Transform yourself so that you now align with it.

Actually there is a d).  You can always just stand there and get "eaten".  Not first on my list of recommendations.

Spirit of the rock

I have done many journeys into rocks to meet with the rock's spirit.  I have found rocks that are portals to hidden grottos and secret rooms. Rocks are, pun intended, very grounded and deep thinking.

When I am teaching a workshop I have the participants bring a rock as witness to their work.  Toward the end of the workshop I have people journey to their rock for a second opinion about how well they are learning the techniques.

Rocks are another place that I practice my shape shifting.  It is especially useful for days when I am feeling scattered and ungrounded.

Spirit realms

I have done a lot of typing to get this web site together and I have discovered that I have used the terms "Spirit Realms" and "Realms of Spirit" interchangeably. So I am copying the glossary section for "Realms of Spirit" here. It is easier than tracking down and changing all the places that I use this phrase instead of "realms of Spirit".

Shamanic traditions see the geography of Spirit as being divided into three realms; the Upper Worlds, the Middle Worlds, and the Lower Worlds.

There are many entries into these realms. Dreams, astral projection, shamanic journeys, mediations, etc. all provide openings to communication and communion with Spirit. We have the right and the ability to travel these realms. Power animals and other Spirit beings are our guides. We just need to learn the techniques and learn to listen.

Spirit Sphere

When I call the seven directions I am creating a sphere of protection. Spirit guards all entry points into that sphere and is there to guide the work that I do. This sacred space is considered to be a bubble outside of Space-time. Because of this it is considered to be outside of the physical laws of the universe. This means that anything can and does happen within the spirit sphere -- magic and miracles happen there.

Spiritual warrior

Spiritual warrior seems like a contradiction of concepts. I understand the idea of being as dedicated to a spiritual cause as a warrior is to a country but it seems a bit like warriors for peace or environmentalist owning stock in oil companies. When I teach people shamanic techniques I stress the importance of language. Language is one of the powerful ways that we create/define the reality that we experience. The importance of careful language shows up in what I call the King Midas problem. He got into big trouble because he poorly worded his request -- He said he wanted everything he touched to turn to gold -- OOPS -- what he really meant to say, obviously, was that he wanted to be very, very rich.

The word "warrior" has too much violence linked to it, in my opinion, to work well with spiritual energy. Just my opinion.


Now this is a piece of high weirdness on our planet. Actually our planet is littered with strange things but Stonehenge is one of the more famous. Almost nothing is known about who made it, why they made it and how they made it.

A circle of huge standing stones, each weighing tons sits on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. Many of the stones were quarried in Wales, more than one hundred miles away. It is more than two thousand years old. Some believe that it is an astronomical observatory, other suggest a ritual site.

I find it a rather curious human endeavor to move a rock weighing tons, to some location far from the quarry for the purpose of standing it up on end. I suspect that something more important is behind it. I speculate that they may be an attempt to channel the telluric forces, the Ley lines of Earth into a focus point for use in powerful magical work.

Stonehenge is a place of power, that is for sure. A lot of crop circles appear near Stonehenge too.


Everything is a dream and all dreams are real.

We tell ourselves stories to explain the experiences and events in our lives. Then we live those stories as though they are true(!!), forgetting that what we consciously experience and weave into the story of our life is heavily filtered, edited and colored. We reduce the data stream of information into our brains (Four hundred billion bits of data every second) via our filters (emotions, senses, distractions) down to a stream of information (that our conscious brain actually sees, processes and weaves into our stories) on the order of two thousand bits of data/second -- 400,000,000,000 to 2000.

Conflict happens between two people because each has a different story for the same event and both are committed to their own story being the one true story and the other person's story being wrong. Neither are absolutely true, neither are absolutely wrong. Both are heavily distorted and filtered stories woven from the same events.

Dream weaving is a shamanic tool to assist in retelling the stories of your life in a way that brings transformation.

Sufi dancing

Mystical Islam, the Sufis, have a kind of ecstatic whirling dancing done by the dervish -- they are referred to, at least in the Western Culture, as Whirling Dervishes because of the way they dance. This dance is to open the gateway to Spirit. It is their shamanic path to make conscious connection with the Divine.

In the Western Culture there are all night dance parties called Raves -- where the music is very rhythmic (often it is Techno music) and tribal. For them it is a wonderful time, great feelings and a connection to some place else.

I am sure that there are Raves being done with conscious and spiritually oriented intention. This would be a powerful tool for the transformation of one's life -- especially if you love to dance!

Super String Theory

Science has been struggling since Einstein to create/discover a single set of equations that relate all the know forces of the physical universe to each other. This is their best effort to date. Good luck guys.

There are many web sites which got into amazing detail about this. Try this one. If it no longer exists then do a search. At the time of this writing there were 145,000 hits on my search string.


Carl Jung, the psychologist, coined this phrase as a way of describing experiences of high weirdness that appeared in his life and in his practice.  He calls it an "acausal connecting principle" -- events that seem linked or related without any "cause and effect" relationship.   Or to say it another way, coincidences that link things together in ways that have meaning for the person experiencing them.  The classic example is you go out to buy clothes and find a really great red dress or shirt.  You have the store send it on home.  When it arrives you open the box to discover that they mad a mistake and sent you a black one.   Just then the phone rings.  You learn that great aunt Maude has just died and you are off to a funeral.  Suddenly that black dress/shirt has meaning beyond a simple mistake.

These synchronicities happen all the time.  There was a study done years ago where students were to look for and record synchronistic experiences.   The results of the study showed that the more they looked for them the more they experienced them.  I do not know if they ever determined whether they found more because they were paying better attention or if by looking for synchronicities they created a "magnet" for more of synchronicities to happen.

It is my belief that sychronicities are one of the ways that Spirit tells us that we are on our right path.


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