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Awaken: Glyph Gate #1

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The Awakening

His life was a lot like a dream he realized.

Yet again.

Awakening, realizing he had been living asleep, only to find himself awakening, yet again. Never quite catching the moment when he had fallen asleep again.

Dream weavers. He believed that they must exist. If only he could awaken there.

Lucid dreamers. His life had the feel of a dream whenever he would wake, in some ways more dream-like than when he woke from real sleep. He was losing his ability to distinguish dream from memory.

What will it take to awaken in life? A question so frequent it was starting to feel like a perverse mantra.

Somewhere a Magus was waiting by a gate that opened onto his awakening and from there...?? to where...??

Ah, parallel universes -- awaken to infinite possibilities -- no the possibilities were bigger than infinity. He had read somewhere about a branch of mathematics that studied numbers that are bigger than infinity. This felt true.

How to balance the day to day -- get up and go to work, raise the kids, pay the bills -- with the magician he knew, really knew, himself to be?!

No headlong rush into the unknown and, no, he could not continue to live this pseudo life, this sleeping life. He had to, with the balance and grace of a dancer and the skill of a juggler bring these contradictions together into a new creation of himself. If that wasn't magic then nothing was.

What would the future bring. He felt like he was a living Tarot layout. Who else was on this path. Thousands, millions, every man woman and child in some way or other??

Or just a few -- in a secret society so secret that they don't even know they are members.

What would he risk, what would he gain. How many times would he spin this wheel?? Every day, forever?! For to stop was, he realized, hardly if at all, different from dying.

It really is time to be active not reactive in living his destiny. Time to generate the balance of day to day life and deep transformative magic.

Deep inward exploration, Charting inner landscapes. Post cards -- no they aren't big enough-- travel poster of nations, mountains, people and rivers, treasures and animals, signs and wonders. His inner landscape, a travel log projected into the world so others exploring his world would realize that they are really exploring themselves.

This was his skill. This was his magic, at least part of it.

Travel broadens your mind, your life. Pack your bags.

Traveling to areas that have no roads of logic and reasoning. Those roads of logic and reasoning are known, boring, devoid of life, devoid of story, devoid of destiny. Just a series of Holiday Inns -- the same the same the same.

No he wouldn't awaken with reason and logic. His only hope was the unreasonable and the impossible.

As he sat searching for the inner signs, the secret letters, the magic glyphs, he felt the tremendous movement, the driving force and realized that it had been pushing and pulling him to this gate, to the opening of awakening.

And as he struggled to really open his eyes he saw a glimpse, he saw eras closing, millennia opening, cycles completing are cycles starting. Endings - beginnings. A massive change, global, maybe universal transformations, and his small part, an alchemical part - as above so below, the smallest transforms the biggest just as the biggest transforms the small.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he could hear music. The gates of Faery are opened by music, he remembered, why not other gates -- the gates of inner knowledge, the gates of magic, the gate to awakening. Each gate keyed by a song. Held open by the word, the word, the intent of the magician. He began humming the song in his head, all the while looking with his eyes as open as he could hold them.



Magic: Glyph Gate #3

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Magic: Exploring the Land -- Mp3 (Broadband)

Magic: Exploring the Land -- Real Player (Broadband)


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