Glyph Gate #3

Magic: Glyph Gate #3

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The Magician's Story

He had lived his life with this nagging feeling that he was just biding his time. Marking the days, waiting for that moment of destiny when the magic would open up his life. It wasn't as though he was just sitting around doing nothing (except a brief period when television had hooked him and he was too depressed to move -- that television was gone now and not missed). No he kept busy, searching, reading, learning, exploring and even, occasionally, risking.

It seemed to him, however, that certain things that he did or learned had a different feel, a kind of connectedness to all the other different feeling things in his life. Things set apart, things with a subtext, a secret story linked to other secret stories or different chapter of the same big story. Destiny was the word he used when he wasn't embarrassed by the ego of it. He was, he is, a person with a grand destiny, like the heroes of fantasy fiction and action movies, called and trained in weird, non-linear ways, Zen ways, mysterious ways, to do the great and fantastic deeds. To succeed and live the magicians life of happy ever after full of unstoppable adventure and unbeatable success.

However, he was getting older, quite past his prime, not yet an old man but not young enough to win maidens by looks and bravery alone. (In his heart of hearts he held onto the ideal that substance and content could always win over surface appearances. He chose not to think about those, like James Bond, who had both -- no, there was no sense in competing in arenas like that)

Yes, he was definitely older. He was still learning amazing new things. His life kept getting richer and deeper and still destiny hadn't revealed itself to him. The trick with destiny is that all those heroes doubted that it was meant for them, so his very doubt could be the proof that it was real. Unless, of course, it was just his life's fantasy, his life's mythology, the trick he used to give value to getting up every day and to keep from committing suicide. If he thought about it, maybe everyone was walking around thinking that they had a secret destiny just waiting to grab them and launch them into saving the universe. It was a puzzle, the central puzzle of his life that he spent some time, every day, thinking about.

And so it was that he was puzzling on this puzzle of his life when he found the gate of magic, the glyph of magic. An odd advertisement in a magazine that hit him like an explosion. A volcano in the center of his internal landscape that scattered forests like dust, vaporized lakes and oceans. Shaken to his core, yet strangely, powerfully, it charged him as he realized that the destiny, the magic of his life was always there, he was living the destiny every moment awake or asleep, sharp or dull the only thing that separated him from the magic, power, and destiny that he had been saving his life for was simply his choice to see and move into it with strength and fearlessness. Break through the barriers of his own making.

He suddenly felt like he was a gray stallion leaping across an impossible chasm, leaping because it was there, because it was impossible and because there was no other choice he could make. It was all or.....

He felt the force rise up in him. All of his dreams and aspirations flooded him, a massive deja vu, and then he saw that he had been here before, all revealed, all clear, the power, the knowledge, the learning, the realizations about destiny, his destiny.

Then he felt the dullness rolling in, a dense volcanic cloud slowing his mind, putting his dreams to sleep, the comfort of being asleep where you are, the dangers and responsibility of being awake. The wild horse in him struggled and surged, ready to leap the impossible chasm of his mind, he struggled to remember to remember, to stay connected with the magic and destiny that he had just found. The glyph of magic, the gate of magic, force it to stay open to him.

And it did. He heard the refrain, the music coming from the other side of the gate, it soothed and calmed him; it brought him full awake and alive; it centered him in deep meditation; it cleared his analytical brain.

He had the key to the gate; music.

All those myths were true about the power of music. All his life had been spent finding and learning the tools he needed to forge the gate and shape the key -- and it took all of him; his rational, logical, step-by-step mind that dogged slowly alertly ahead, choosing its path by careful considered determination and his creative soul that burst through the volcanic fog, making that leap, that impossible leap. The blending, a synthesis of opposites. This was magic; taking opposites and generating a new force, a new possibility out of the fusion of things that couldn't possibly combine.

The dullness, the sleep still stirred on the edge. He forced himself awake using the music; this time, this time he would not fall back asleep to awaken back in that other life with the subtly painful feeling that he had forgotten something very important. No, he had the key and he had the gate.

Moving into the magician's landscape, standing in deep reflection he saw the infinite choices that were open to him, open to all magical peoples (and he saw that all peoples are magical). The possibility of choices settled over him, a blanket of snow, quite, calm, deep. He saw the world quiet, paused inbetween breaths, waiting to move, waiting for the choice he would make, waiting for him to choose his destiny. And he saw that it would always be so. He would always be choosing, always be learning, always on the edge of success always on the edge of failure, always on the edge of power. The magician who understood it all, who mastered it all, understood nothing and was master of very little. The beauty and horror of infinity. The immense responsibility for all that was -- the magicians way -- nearly put him back to sleep -- the dullness blurring the edges of his experience.

No, he would never be a master. He would always be a student, and that was the master's way.

The moon was rising and it sounded like music to him. He followed the notes deeper and deeper into the song and into space. Patterns and relationship, endless, endless as his destiny moved forward to grab him. He moved forward to grab his destiny.


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