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Triskelion Labyrinth

Design for Glyph Gate card backs

(c) 2000 David Lee Lang

All Rights Reserved


When I close my eyes I see a movie. This is where I find my paintings.

About 25 years ago I realized that, like my movie, if I sit quietly I can hear music. Actually I always knew I heard music, it was 25 years ago that I realized that it is music of my own composition.

Thus began an odyssey to bring my music into the world like I do with my paintings.

Please enjoy these compositions.

Awaken: Glyph Gate #1

Hear audio clips of

Awaken: Exploring the Land -- Real Player (56K)

Awaken: Exploring the Land -- Mp3 (Broadband)

Awaken: Exploring the Land -- Real Player (Broadband)


Awaken: Returning to the Gate -- Real Player (56K)

Awaken: Returning to the Gate -- Mp3 (Broadband)

Awaken: Returning to the Gate -- Real Player (Broadband)





Magic: Glyph Gate #3

Hear audio clips of

Magic: Lessons of the Gate -- Real Player (56K)

Magic: Lessons of the Gate -- Mp3 (Broadband)

Magic: Lessons of the Gate -- Real Player (Broadband)


Magic: Exploring the Land -- Real Player (56K)

Magic: Exploring the Land -- Mp3 (Broadband)

Magic: Exploring the Land -- Real Player (Broadband)


Magic: Closing the Gate -- Real Player (56K)

Magic: Closing the Gate -- Mp3 (Broadband)

Magic: Closing the Gate -- Real Player (Broadband)





Glyph Gates: The Story Behind the Stories

What have you gotten yourself into?? Weird ads, cryptic, magical, curious designs, art. Music unlike any you listened to before. Designs that call you again and again. Each one taking you deeper and deeper on a journey, on a path to where?

A secret society of Shape shifters, Time shapers, Dream weavers, artists all, musicians creating gates that open to...??

It started simply enough. A strange ad, a glyph, a poem, a web page address.

A single glyph, a CD, a drawing, then another, and another -- They all form a map or a piece of a map showing the way to where...?? Each one drawing you in deeper and deeper, revealing more.

What have you gotten yourself into -- not a cult, not some weird religion. Some secret Magus -- perhaps more than one -- unknown, a Nicolas Bourbaki not of math but of reality, of magic... no, the metaphor is too thin.

Magi handing out keys; handing out maps and letters, names and music in a language you didn't know you could speak but some deep part of you must speak -- it resonates so strongly.

Some Magus offering you the chance to be free and become the magus of your own life.

Life is magic

We are all magicians

Step through each gate

Step with power and love, awe and strength, courage and wisdom and eyes wide open.

The first gate is to awaken all in you that is asleep. Aleph Null is the number of gates that await you... Ah, the beauty and the horror of infinity.

What have you gotten yourself into?



Glyph Gates: The Story Behind the Story Behind the Stories

So what is the Glyph Gate project?

I started the Glyph Gate project shortly after I realized that I had original music echoing around in my head. My original concept was to create a body of musical and artistic works in complete secrecy! I worked on it for 10 years without telling anyone, including Annah.

Now, I realize that two pieces of art and two 40 minute compositions and some related writings are not a lot to show for ten years of work (actually it is now more like 25 years of work). But you have to remember I was teaching myself how to really play keyboards, learning software, waiting for technology to catch up with me, running a computer animation company, trying to be a good dad, making a living, having a life, dealing with shamanic awakening -- all during this period when I am trying to find time to work secretly on this project. So there!

The completed Glyph Gate project will be 54 pieces of music, each 40 minutes long. Each composition has nine movements named:

- Finding the Gate

- Setting the Wards to Protect All

- Opening the Gate

- Stepping through the Gate

- The Lesson of the Gate

- Exploring the Land

- Returning to the Gate

- Remembering to Remember

- Closing the Gate / Return Home Transformed

In addition each composition comes with poetry, other writings, and a "Tarot" style art card. An 18 x 24 inch poster of each art card is also available.

The original idea was to create this massive body of music and art. Then in various magazines place cryptic ads of just the Glyph and a web site address.

At the web site the music, art, and poetry could be reviewed and purchased.

This of course would be a Phenomenal Success!

And when the press and other wildly interested groupies tried to find out who these amazing and incredible musician/artists were they would hit a blank wall -- there was to be no traceable link to me.

Why the anonymity? While I am a private person, this web site not withstanding, the real reason for the secrecy was the magic of it.

I was looking to create the magical experience of looking around at people in your world -- your parents, your friends, your boss, your lover, your Aunt Maud -- and wondering if they could possibly be the person(s) behind the Glyph Gate project.

The power of mystery, the power of the unknown, the power of wonder.

The obvious flaw to this concept is that in order for it to be successful it has to be successful. Plus it is a very hard thing to do a legitimate business that makes product and handles money in a totally anonymous way. Too many places you have to sign your name. Maybe if you had millions of dollars to fund it.

And in between starting this musical project and today I have been shamanically trained. The real magic of this work comes from the intention behind each composition and having the music take the listener on a shamanic journey of their own.

I hope that this is your experience of this project.



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